Waiting For Titan

by The Waterfoot Dandy

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It all happened in the past, or was it the future past, or was it just past the future, either way he used to say‘Only #me can tell but the watch always runs fast when it’s overwound’.Gary Lomax (aka The Waterfoot Dandy) once gave me apiece of informa#on that would stay with me for the rest of my life. It’s s#ll retained to this day. He said and I quote “ The triangle has three sides , 1, 2 and a4er a very very very long pause said 3”. Now to a lesser trained novice than I this may have come across as a rather stupid and obvious thing to say. At 7rst I ques#oned the wisdom of his statement sta#ng that in fact most triangles are made of a fabricated tubular type steel which is in then formed through industrial presses and 7nally polished and precision tuned in Alt-Heidensburg in what was then Lower Saxony.

Gary smiled and through his closed mouth said to me’ Iwas expec#ng that Gobstopper and it is a response thatwill be echoed by many more to come’. He had a habit of talking to people through a closed mouth, in fact one of his greatest pieces The Triangle Symphony, a collabora#on with collabora#ve collaborators Ted Zepplin, he physically inserted a gag in his mouth during recording to add to the tonal quality of the piece. His requiem MMHMPHHHhhh is probably as good as that genre could ever get. Anyway he said, I digress. What in fact ma<ers more than anything else is that the triangle is not just a triangle, it is a symbol of mankind’s need and desire to travel to greater and farther galaxies, to feel the sun onones face (but not too much in fear of sunburn), to hear the cry of new born babies taking their 7rst gulps of cool clean air par#cles to sense and swim in the trillions of billions of billions of atoms and quirks that surround us.

The triangle is me; the triangle is you the triangle is everything else. The holy trinity, the macburger the double decker’s with a bit on top.The end or a lurid beginning, he’d rather the bomb se�led our fate. The son of a dad and father to his sons and daughters, A husband to his wife and uncle to anyone who would have him. He rose with elegance and stature in the backwoods of the Rossendale Valley to challenge the establishment at the RCA (Smudgy picture or clarity, what’s it going to be Mr Lomax? OK Smudgy it is then). The Waterfoot Dandy coined by a man from the Fall engaged in worlds where few dared tread. His life and existence embraced the awkward and weird with a loving passion only surpassed by that of a child with his first Johnny Seven.

This is the first of The Waterfoot Dandy’s recording all performed live in his 4 foot waterlogged coal cellar of a studio approximately mid to late nineteen seventies. Bass guitar played with his bare feet and equipment all resurrected from skips. Gary lived the dream and now he’s dead. But he’s no Solomon Grundy and won’t be back on Monday but his presence lingers on in the fabric of the nth number of time, space continuums that permeate our cosmos. This is his first release since 14 days to live (In Tape). Originally designed to be released on his and his fellow collaborator The Honourable Ted’s label (NOB Records. That’s Naughty Old Boys) and after much consultation with his wife and soulmate Christine has kindly agreed for it to be released on German Shepherd records as they are good old boys and like minded chaps.

There will be more.

The Honourable Ted


released February 15, 2017

Gary Lomax - played everything with his hands, fingers and feet, especially bass guitar

Chris Lomax - made Gary a very very happy man

The Honourable Ted - spectral post production and drop out specialist

All recorded in the coal cellar with recycled recording machines and recycled/reconstructed microphones made from old car horns

Assembled by Larry Pants at the Edge of the Bed

Warcher of the Skies - IK Moss

(c) Gary Lomax



all rights reserved


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