Mating Game

by The Mind Sweepers

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The Mind Sweepers would like to thank Stewart Soulsby of the Royal Hotel, Kirkcudbright, for allowing us the use of his premises as rehearsal space over the past couple of years, and for putting up with our pish!

We'd also like to thank Vicky and Mick Middles for the airplay of our tracks, continued support, and introducing us to the Manchester scene.

Special thanks are due to Grant Henderson of Lover's Lane Recording Studios in Dumfries too, for exhibiting the utmost patience in dealing with our 'studio-savvy' ineptitude and early session learning curve of 'booze and studio time' doesn't work out too well!

We'd also like to thank former guitarist Andrew McCulloch, and Michelle Jackson McClure on the fiddle for their superb playing on the acoustic version of 'Away wi' ye Wumman'.

Most of all, however, we'd like to thank the ever-growing number of folk that go out of their way to come and see us perform live, wi'oot an audience there'd be no performance. Consider yersel thanked!


released April 15, 2016

Paul Winter, vocals/acoustic guitar
John McInally, lead guitar
Jack Trainer, bass guitar/harmonica
Gareth MacIntyre, keyboards/backing vocals
Bryn Thorburn, drums

on the Acoustic Version of Away Wi' Ye Wumman

Paul Winter - acoustic/vocals
Andrew McCulloch, lead acoustic
Michelle Jackson McClure, fiddle

Lyrics, arrangement, and composition: ©Paul Winter
Artwork: ©Bryn Thorburn
Audio Recording: ℗The Mind Sweepers






all rights reserved


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Track Name: Mating Game
There at night time my life came together one day, in a moment I ventured for to have my say.

Didn't care too much if all I said fell on deaf ears, all I knew was if I stayed dumb I'd regret it for years.

Stood a girl there, familiar yet still unknown, ah was drunk when herself to me she'd first shown.

Overture's made, gentleman mode engaged, no luck this time, no numbers were exchanged.

It's the things we say, and the games we play.

Are we predator or prey, in the Mating Game. Mating Game.

Another Saturday in my hometown, everyone's drunk. Ten hours worth o' lager we've already sunk.

Better hurry all you beautiful lassies in town, get a move-on before we get all get drunk, and fall on down.

It's the usual, ah just need a guiding light, apart fae neon, and ads for yank beer that tastes shite.

Up the nightclub, and that bouncer's a prick, then ah'me outside, nose broken, slippin' in sick.
Track Name: Away Wi' Ye Wumman
Heed the baw, steggin' up ma street, away wi' ye wumman.
Fae the bar, strecht up ma close, away wi' ye wumman.
Such a din, wi' heels on her feet, away wi' ye wumman.
Such ah sin, ma frontstep her seat, away wi' ye wumman.

Hear her caw, skrechin' through ma door, away wi' ye wumman.
Fu' o' bev, and drunken slaverin', away wi' ye wumman.
Hear ah rumble fae neighbours doonstairs, away wi' ye wumman.
Breach o' peace when the Polis come chappin'.

Oh and I, get by, wi'out you.

Heed the baw, messin' wi' ma door, away wi' ye wumman.
Then ah crash, she's busted richt in, away wi' ye wumman.
Haud her back, she gie's me a crack, away wi' ye wumman.
Broken nose, so it eyewis goes, away wi' ye wumman.

Oh and I, get by, wi'out you.

There'll be nae mair, creeping' in ma bed, away wi' ye wumman.
You'll no be there, gin' me head, away wi' ye wumman.
Nae mair rides in the nicht an early morn, away wi' ye wumman.
You'll be there, in memory nocht else, away wi' ye wumman.

Oh and I, get by, wi'out you.