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PrunX never hesitate to point out the destructive effects of capitalism, using their unique sound as gateway to a peaceful solar system. Along the way they release their third EP with German Shepherd Records.

Contacts presents a view from deep space - favouring your ears with observations of Terra - most haunted planet in our galaxy.

The new EP offers:

First Contact? - as prelude for an upcoming concept album. It's a far out story brought down to earth, when it happens, watch out for Sparks!

Deadly Toys reflects a sarcastic sptteful calling out of arms-dealers.

There's No Time - an ironic celebration of the negative impact of excess


released December 7, 2018

all songs performed by

vocals: FrankOz Pfeil, Mikado K. Schütt, Joushi M. Schütt
guitars: FrankOz Pfeil, Joushi M. Schütt
keys: Mikado K. Schütt
bass: Mr. Y Bernhard Schimpf
drums: Mr. X Tom Schneider

guest choir on There's No Time : Feline Lang (Feline & Strange), Nat Gecko & Gehol Freiheit (Dirty Feetz), Clemens Weiger

lyrics and composition by FrankOz Pfeil, Mikado K. Schütt
musical arrangements by PrunX

audio production: Tom Bradler, FrankOz Pfeil

special thanks to for providing snare cover art: PrunX with courtesy for original photo by Jens Pfeil produced by and at tRaumstation 2017/2018 all rights reserved


all rights reserved



German Shepherd Records Salford, UK

Greater Manchester Based independent, not for profit, record label offering a variety of eclectic music for your listening pleasure

Different Noises For Your Ears.

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Track Name: First Contact?
About a billion miles away an alien ship on the course met Voyager 1 at stray it happened what they call - first contact They check it out set a course to planet earth send on all our channels: 'arrival soon' set a course to planet earth arrival soon! Mankind cheers in real hope all their problems will be solved! - But they stopped In the orbit of our moon they hold distance, think 'it's pretty gloom', 'bout the distance of our moon they stopped no arrival soon! ...and the aliens say: 'Their music is a useful seed the rest is simple math and speech, to our level to proceed another thousand years they need - no first contact let's get a download of their music library once upon a time this knowledge sets them free let's get out of here' 'bout the distance of our moon they stopped no arrival soon! - no first contact 'bout the distance of our moon they stopped no arrival soon! ...but leave a spy
Track Name: Deadly Toys
Hello, big bosses, generals and royals, legal criminals by your own choice! Life is rich, things are fine, no sue for any crime! Drivin' your Rolls Royce selling your deadly toys!
Hi there, manipulators, jerks of all kind, trying to implant lies into our mind! Reality shows its face, get lost again in that maze! Cruisin' your Rolls Royce advertise deadly toys!
In pillows 'bove urban ground, rule desaster so profound, steering the fortune wheel, to get the better deal, but people see reality, justice and liberty! Drivin' your Rolls Royce selling your deadly advertise deadly hit by your deadly toys!
Track Name: There's No Time
There’s no time like showtime when you’re a banker in the high time and the interest rates create warlines and you’re doing fine – legal crime!
There’s no time like showtime when politicians talk at prime time poisoned sages in golden cages eating up your wages – so! Don’t you feel the pain? Too many die in vain! Don’t you fear the flood coming out of a sea of blood?
No time like showtime when you got millions on your hookline! The face designer sets your eyeliner for the hunter's ball – fine!
No time like showtime, when you’re a soldier at the front line you have to fight or have to run nowhere else to go – oh!
Don’t you feel the pain? Too many die in vain! Don’t you fear the flood coming out of a sea of blood?

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