Better Late Than Never

by Positronik

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Positronik - a unique marriage of pop, indie, soul and electronica, brimming with superb melodies and catchy hooks.

So how come the fickle world of music did not latch onto this marvellous set of tunes and make them superstars? Hard to say really, but the "biz's" loss is your gain, as we are very pleased to be able to present this set of tunes to you as a, more or less, complete document of the work of a trio from Stockport and Salford that brightened the music scene up considerably in Greater Manchester-land between 2010 and 2014.

The album download contains a full colour lyrics booklet with exclusive photographs of the band.


released October 17, 2014

Danielle MzDee Carter - Vocals
Jeff Black - Guitars, Keyboards, Machines
John "Monty" Montague - Bass

All lyrics and music by Jeff Black except

Liberation - music by Carl Lingard and Jeff Black
Save if for me - words by Lisa Smith
Afropop - lyrics by Julie

Recorded, engineered, mixed and produced by Jeff Black

Positronik logo by Pete Conner -

Photographs by Jon Coupe, Mike Powell and Bob Osborne

Booklet designed by Todd Rempling

Executive producers - Eon Morse and Larry Pants



all rights reserved


German Shepherd Records Salford, UK

Greater Manchester Based independent record label offering a variety of eclectic music for your listening pleasure

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Track Name: I've Never Learned To Know My Place
Well, I don’t know why I can’t explain
This feeling of rejection
There’s no way I’d consider you
A vision of perfection
Can’t take ‘no’ for an answer
So I carry on the chase
And it’s ‘cause I’ve never learned to know my place

I know I have an attitude
I’m willing to confess to
I know sometimes I talk too loud
Trying to impress you
If I can’t get off my high horse
And I can’t get off your case
It’s because I’ve never learned to know my place

The moment I met him
There and then I made a vow
That I’m gonna get him
I don’t know when and I don’t know how
But with every situation
Each time you put me down
Came a dawning realisation
I don’t need you around

I know when all is said and done
It’s just infatuation
And all I’ll have when you are gone
My only consolation
When the letters are confetti
And the memories are erased
Oh, I still will never learn to know my place
Track Name: Superheavy (The Party's Gonna Soon Be Over)
We’ve never, ever, ever
Been in this together
Except for when you need someone to pay
And it don’t look too pretty
Here in Salford city
There has got be another way
We’re treated like machines
And we live beyond our means
Anything we can do to survive
Well, I’m just gonna chose
To dance away my blues
‘Cause I just need to feel like I’m alive

The party’s gonna soon be over
So let’s dance, let’s dance the night away
The party’s gonna soon be over
So let’s dance, let’s dance until we’re dead

Abandoned by the nation
Can’t rise above my station
Baby, where you’re born is where you’ll stay
You’ve used me and abused me
And now you just refuse me
How am I gonna live from day to day?
All I see is violence
And all I hear is silence
Everybody’s playing their own role
People now get ready
‘Cause this is superheavy
Heavy as the darkness in my soul
Track Name: Seperate Way
One more sleepless night
Embracing where he laid
Chasing traffic lights across the wall
Oh, how you burn for him
You toss and you turn for him
But your hurt pride comes before a call

Seems there’s no escape from you
Since you went your separate way
I can’t erase the ache of you
Since you went your separate way

Your mind will dance all night
To the rhythm of the rain
Those twisted, tangled sheets they can’t contain
The heat of a lover gone
And how could another one
Ever make you feel so warm again?
Track Name: When The Bitch Knows Your Name
Call your guardian angel and tell her she’s been fired
‘Cause all those do-good people - well, they’re nothing more than liars
And when I tell you to jump
You’d better do just what I say

You may think that you know trouble
You may think that you know pain
But you can count that double
When the Bitch knows your name

You’d better pray to god that I don’t get in your head
I’ll make your blood run cold and I’ll make your world feel dead
To me, you’re just a plaything
Hurting you is part of my game


When you’re sleeping in the darkness, I’ll be standing by your bed
Whispering sweet nothings your so-called friends have said
And when you’re all alone
All alone is how you’re gonna stay

Track Name: Save It For Me
(Lyrics by Lisa Smith)

Feeling like I’m never gonna get up off the ground
Wondering if you even noticed I’m around
Selling myself is never something that I do
Much as I’d like to I can’t change that

Save it for me
Treat it as a whim
Save it for me
Wait till I begin
Save it for me
I’ll be there in a while
Save it for me

Feeling like I might do something I regret
Got ideas, although I know we’ve never met
Daydreaming is all I ever do
I’d really like to be in love with you


It never happened
Never happened for me
Never happened
But you got what you wanted
It never happened
Never happened the other way
Never happened
But you got what you wanted
And now we’re both happy
Track Name: Give Me Some Passion
Drive me crazy
Like you used to do
You can still amaze me
What’s gotten into you?
You can’t buy me with false emotion
It’s not my currency
If you want to win my true devotion
I need your honesty


Give me some passion
Make me lose control
Give me some passion
And a burning soul

Come and save me
Oh, come and rescue me
It’s got so lazy
How can I make you see?
You don’t have to have a voice like Aretha
To sing a soulful song
You don’t have to be the colour of Marvin
To know what’s going on
Track Name: Afropop
(Lyrics by Julie)

All those times I wanted you
You weren’t around
You let me down, oh yeah
And now you’re at a loose end
You want me back
I can’t have that, oh no
Now you say you’re sorry
You’ve done the worst you can
You hurt me bad

All those times I needed you
You weren’t around,
You let me down, oh yeah
And now you’re trying to get back in
You’ve got no chance
I want romance, oh yeah
Made it on my own terms
Too late – I can’t turn back
I won’t do that

You picked me up and dropped me
You want your pleasure at your leisure, yeah
Not falling for that spell again
No, not this time
I’m feeling fine, oh yeah
Time to face the future
Face it on my own
I’m in control
Track Name: Don't Come Crying To Me
It’s over now
What’s done is done
I don’t know how
But the feeling’s gone
And you, you got what you wanted
You’ll get what you deserve
But though I never made the first team
I won’t be your reserve

So don’t, don’t come crying
Crying to me
Don’t, don’t come crying
Expecting sympathy

Well, as for me
I admire your taste
Her personality
Is thinner than her waist
And if you call me ‘baby’
You’ll end up on the floor
You wanted just a maid and servant
Well, I want something more


Don’t come around here
Don’t act so self-assured
Don’t come around here
I don’t want you anymore

It’s over now and the feeling’s gone
Track Name: Game of Chances
You know my bright red letter days
Have just been and gone
And now I’m scared and I’m so afraid
It might have all gone wrong
‘Cause there you and here I am
We’re poles apart
It’s not a life that was meant to be

I couldn’t stand to listen to you
Telling me, you’re always telling me
Telling me what I need
Hope and pray, you’d better hope and pray
Hope and pray that I bleed
But now the rhythm is almost gone
It’s not a game of chances
And the problem is all my own
It’s not a game of chances

There’s a pillow where your head laid
Now it’s no longer talking
I think of all those plans we made
But now I feel like walking
With every day that passes by
Comes certainty
But in this world full of tragedy …
Track Name: The Ghost of Christmas Past
I’m full of Christmas yearning
I keep the fire burning
For a love that isn’t there
Outside the snow is falling
And my empty bed is calling
‘Cause it’s all too much to bear

Now the nights are so long
‘Cause I’m here on my own
Summer’s gone and winter came so fast
Still the pain lingers on
Since the day you were gone
There’s nothing left but emptiness
And me here, alone dear
Haunted by the ghost of Christmas past

Every tree is bare now
Like the one that I have here now
In my lonely living room
And I only have the memory
Of the gifts you used to send me
When you promised me the moon

There’s no goodwill to men
Till you come back again
I’m a fool who thought that it would last
Still the pain lingers on
Since the day you were gone
There’s nothing left but emptiness
And me here, alone dear
Haunted by the ghost of Christmas past